Thursday, March 5, 2009

A shot? I think I need the whole bottle

Shocker! Reality TV has done it again...times two! Tila Tequila, a myspace celeb, has come to find (yes, you guessed it...gosh you guys are getting good at this!) LOVE! Tila makes for good television when she reveals her deep, dark secret: she likes boys AND girls. A testosterone and estrogen enfused house creates steamy, romantic scenes and great Pay-Per-View worthy boxing matches on a bed fit for a king...or twenty four of the most "excited" people you'll ever meet.

America's Most Wanted Bachelor

This would be a great time to mention one of the greatest and most famous love reality shows to be aired on national TV, THE BACHELOR. After picking Melissa on the final rounds of the show, he PUBLICLY breaks up with her and goes back to one of the previous ladies on the show. He then proceeds to kiss her infront of all of America. Way to go Mr. Bachelor! Goes to show that those writers sure do have creative minds when it comes to love!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Correctional schools have nothing on Sharon Osbourne on VH1's Charm School. Previous contestants from Rock of Love 1 and Rock of Love 2 are taught how to be lady-like. But there is an interesting catch to all of this; the women who come on the show. Some self-proclaimed strippers, and others who wish they were make up the line of women poor Sharon has to help become better women.

The girls of the house are "schooled" on how to be well mannered. They are given lessons on how to meet men, how to control their alcoholic ways, and then put in an unfamiliar situation to test the lesson. Needless to say, a good portion of them dropped like flies after the first few episodes. There were plenty of fights, binge drinkers, stripper shows, and backstabbing going on to keep the show interesting.

At the end of the show though, you could really see a lot of improvement in those girls who looked like they were headed no where, fast when it had just started. Again, the grand prize for the girl who gave up her past and started a new future would gain $100,000. Congratulations to the most improved, Brandi M.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boyfriend Boot Camp

Have a bad boyfriend? Need him to straighten up? No problem! Send him to VH1's Tool Academy! "The boys" are given daily challenges to prove that they do love and care for their girlfriends. Evaluating therapist Trina Dolenz determines whether or not they have proved themselves. If she believes they have not improved, or done well on the week's challenge, they get kicked off the show. When they get kicked off, their girlfriends can decide whether they are just a TOOL and leave them, or to stay with their not-so-perfect boyfriend.

They've built furniture, sold cookies dressed all in pink and sat through therapy sessions in order to show that they are trying to be a better boyfriend. The grand prize for the "best" boyfriend is $100,000! What would men in their 20's do for that money? Or better yet, what wouldn't they do for that money?

The question is not whether they want to change, its WHY! Is it really for their girlfriends or the money?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Your Real World versus Their Real World

For five women living in Orange County, California, life is a bit more luxurious than how we are living today and how we can only hope to live in the future. Mansions, luxury cars and expensive vacations are just a glimpse of what we get to see on the show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. The Bravo Channel takes us through their daily lives of what a housewife does. But don’t let the title confuse you. Some of these women do have jobs. Jeana Keough is a high end property real estate agent. One commission from her and I could be living comfortable for at least a year. Vicki Gunvalson owns and operates an insurance company out of her own home.

Besides their jobs, all of the housewives (except one...Gretchen Rossi) have children they look after from 5 to 25 years old. They also have their homes to take care of and maintain.
The big thing they are openly concerned with is staying young. Multiple episodes have shown them working out, getting botox, cosmetic surgery, etc. On one specific episode, they attend a Botox party.

The show might portray that all these women live off their husbands (or for some, second husbands!), but they do make maintain themselves. They have the same problems and issues we all have in our everyday lives. They live a normal life…according to them.

Friday, January 30, 2009

This week on Flavor of Love 3872384...

How funny is it that an old rapper could ignite such a huge line of "celebrities" for over five seasons of trying to find LOVE?

On our first encounter with Flava Flav he was looking for love on Flavor of Love. he had a contestant who was very out there named NEW YORK (aka Tiffany) on his show. She mad her way to the top, losing in the last round against HOOPZ. VH1 had to bring her back to the spotlight for her 15 minutes of fame with her show I LOVE NEW YORK. This went on for over two seasons and eventually two contestants from I Love New York (brothers, none the less) got their own show, REAL CHANCE AT LOVE. Will this be a vicious circle that never ends? People who were eliminated off love game shows trying to find love with all the wrong people? Well, we better hope so or we wouldn't have half the shows we have on TV now.