Thursday, March 5, 2009

A shot? I think I need the whole bottle

Shocker! Reality TV has done it again...times two! Tila Tequila, a myspace celeb, has come to find (yes, you guessed it...gosh you guys are getting good at this!) LOVE! Tila makes for good television when she reveals her deep, dark secret: she likes boys AND girls. A testosterone and estrogen enfused house creates steamy, romantic scenes and great Pay-Per-View worthy boxing matches on a bed fit for a king...or twenty four of the most "excited" people you'll ever meet.


  1. i love reality tv, but i just cant get into the whole tela tequilla phenomenon.. maybe because all she was was some myspace chick who friended everyone.. thats her claim to fame..

  2. Tila's got nothing on 'From a G to a Gent.'